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"Enjoy a few minutes of Antonia as Rachel in 45 COFFEE DATES at the   premiere reading at Manhattan Theatre Club"

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Natasha Dawsen

“45 Coffee Dates” is an uproarious account of her pursuit for Mr. Right through a sea of Mr. Right-For-Anyone-Else. Making Starbucks her nerve-center, Antonia created thirty-eight year old New Yorker, Rachel Yardley,  and began notating her crusade along the dusty trails of the internet and online dating..." 

Fred Rohan Vargas

"...a fantastic solo reading written and performed by Antonia Kasper. It's the first time I've seen a standing ovation in a long time by the entire audience..."



Randie Levine-miller

"I love this piece - it's for anyone who's gone through the modern dating world which is not always as funny or as witty as Antonia's play is ... poignant and beautifully written I'm positive that this show has a life off-Broadway as well as around the country... Antonia is also an incredible performer ...she made me laugh ....and she made me think ..all good indications that she has something extra special for audiences to see and experience."


Emanuela Villorini

"... I laughed so hard when Antonia Kasper describe her future husband. Her description of their encounter was so hilarious . She also impersonated her dog and mastered completely the way the dog would react, be and you also knew what type of a dog it was. Great comedy act . Thank you."