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Valentine's Day Tips    


Valentine's Day Tips


For Couples and Singles

For Couples

Finding fun things to do for Valentine’s Day can be aggravating especially if you wait until last minute.  Here are some helpful hints to make your sweetie smile and cause less stress for you.

  • Do something small for Valentine’s Day (like a card) to acknowledge the holiday.  But make the big plans (roses and reservations) another night.  You will avoid the crowds, are more likely to get a seat and probably save some money.

  • Plan for a Broadway show or weekend get-a-way.  Present the plans, tickets or photos for the escape to your beloved on February 14th even if the event is later in the year.

  • Book a couples’ massage or better yet…take a class on how to give a good massage.  Remember practice makes perfect!

  • Make a gift or card.  Use your imagination to create a homemade card complete with glitter and paint.  A poem inside is sure to please.  


Flying Solo? 

Being alone on Valentine’s Day can seem depressing.  Instead of staying inside and sulking get out there and do something for yourself.

  • Get online and put up a profile for internet dating.  Check out my helpful hints for online dating coming soon!

  • Pamper yourself with a massage, manicure or pedicure.  Use this day to celebrate yourself.

  • Buy yourself flowers and while walking down the street smileJ knowing that an extra special person purchased it…you!

  • Get together with other single girlfriends/guy friends for a fun night out (or in).  Watch a comedic movie, play some games, write your online profiles together or simply browse through the hotties online.  There's a whole world out there.  So if you stay in...just remember to get outside of your apt/house and out of your comfort zone--- the day after Valentine's Day.

Antonia Kasper